FIFA Online 2 December Updates

After monitoring FIFA Online 2 for a few days, it looks like on 1st December 2009 there was a major update to the whole client for the game. Here’s the manual patch for those wanting to install this new client.

Manual Patch for EA Sports FIFA Online 2 Kick Off Pack Click Here!

Here is what the screen will show after downloading this patch which is about 300++MB.
Fifa Online 2 Download Manual Patch

Streamyx users in Malaysia would fret by waiting for it to finish since it tries to update the whole program. Be wary though, if the line disconnects while the patch is ongoing, you’ll have to install the patch again and redo the whole thing again.

It wasn’t mentioned as to what was integrated in the new December 1st 2009 patch but my guess would be new features that needs to be explored. So far here are the new features which could be seen.

Fifa Online 2 Hall of Glory

There’s now a new menu which is the HALL OF GLORY. This is one new feature which enables one to gain points and thus used it to buy certain items. Points are gained by joining world tours and also club matches.

Hall Of Glory Screen

As seen above, Current Glory Points (GP) obtained is now 35. One needs to get at least 2000GP to purchase a speed enhance knee tape. So is more like, the more you play, you get points to redeem things. As this is a new feature, expect more items to be included in the coming future.

Aside from this, the game play has also been added with some additional features.

Fifa Online 2 Assist David Villa

Now you can finally see an additional information when your players or the opponent’s player scores a goal. You can practically checked who was the one who assisted the goalscorer.

So far so good, this was what TechieDan could find about the current patch of this FIFA Online 2. More updates would soon be posted.


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