Fifa Online 2 January 2010 Update

Fifa Online 2 has finally given us players another surprise. Well, here are the new updates which have badly affected TechieDan. The first few updates for the Fifa Online 2 on January 14th 2010 is you will now be greeted with a splash screen after logging in as depicted with the screen below.

Then with the summer roster kicking in, some players will see the boot and be gone forever. An example would be A.Gaarde which TechieDan has created into a +4 player. The player is now non-existant on Fifa Online 2. I will quote from the EA Sports Official Fifa Online 2 website.

When the player has retired/passed away/ vanished from the football scene as of the last summer transfer window, the uniform card of the respective player will not be in the data base anymore.

Players that have transferred clubs, be it on permanent or loan deals, will have the status of their football club based on the last summer transfer window updated. This applies for players who have joined football clubs as free agents. This does not apply to the players in your team, only the uniform cards.

This means that a Cristiano Ronaldo Uniform Card, for example, will reflect him as a Real Madrid Player instead of a Manchester United Player. This also applies for Chelsea’s Franco Di Santo on loan to Blackburn Rovers. His uniform card will indicate him as a Blackburn player.

This changes will not have any effect on the players in your team. I.e. If your team is Real Madrid, you wont have Benzema, Kaka and other players that changed football clubs during the last summer transfer window.

So old players like Paolo Maldini would cease to exist and Kaka will now be in Read Madrid.

Another option would be the transfer of players between different managers. Though transfer can only be done with the same login name. One has to purchase a Create Additional Manager item in order to create one.

The screen would be shown as above if you have only 1 team allowed and with no Create Addtional Manager bought. As depicted by the official site, if one has a manager item, one can transfer uniform cards. The interface would look as the following.

Here are the other notable changes

  • Chatting Block On / Off function
  • Uniform Card “Move All” Feature
  • Glory Point item: Player Trade Coupon
  • Accuracy Reduction when Power Gauge is Max

Verdict : While it may seem that this new update benefits those with new players, upgraded old cards missing generates complaints from players with these cards. Nevertheless game play is still the same.

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