FIFA Online 2 World Cup 2010 Update

FIFA Online 2 has a new update. In lieu with the World Cup 2010 at South Africa, players can now have a chance at the World Cup with their favorite World Cup teams. Choose from Brazil, England, Argentina, Spain and many more. Your country not in the World Cup? Fret not, there are loads of other countries available to be played which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Greece, Czech Republic and many more.

FIFA Online 2 World Cup Welcome Screen

The splash screen will now display an African theme during prior to the Log In screen. It was understood prior to this patch, there was an error in getting to this screen due to a technical glitch. Skip this if you have no trouble updating your client and running the game.


Corrupted File FIFA Online 2

Basically, clicking Yes will bring one to the Korean FIFA Online 2 Update page. Close the program and do the following.

Go into your FIFA ONLINE 2 folder\foe files and locate the following files.


Delete these 2 files and restart the client and your FIFA Online 2 game will be good to run.

Source : FIFA Online 2 Fix

Here are the upgrades and patches from this version.

The 2010 South Africa World Cup section can be accessed by selecting the icon on the top.

World Cup Selection

Doing so will bring one towards the World Cup module. After clicking you’ll see a screen and one of them is basically a schedule of the World Cup itself.

World Cup Schedule in FIFA Online 2

To play the game, one can either choose to play in Multiplayer or Single Player mode.

Multiplayer or single player mode

Click Participate to start the World Cup game and from then onwards, choose a country and the program will run do a random country insert into each groups.

Reward for Playing This?

As always playing a module like this won’t be enough without rewarding players. This will be a level up reward. Players will level up if they keep winning games to gain experience for their reward. The ultimate is a World Cup player Virtual Uniform which one can convert into a player or just sell it to the Auction Market.

Reward World Cup

This update brings alive the World Cup fever and definitely will be good for players to get to know their football team player names before the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Definitely one of the best update.

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