FIFA Online 2 Addiction

EA Sports Fifa Online 2, finally a soccer game or rather a football game where it’s online and one can trade cards with each another. Well, the mechanics of this game is fairly different I must say. Yes, a game review of a game from EA Sports.

Fifa Online Main Screen

Considering one needs to login and create a user.

For EA FIFA fans, I am pretty sure some of it’s game mechanics might suit a few of those FIFA 98 and FIFA 2000 series due to it’s graphics and game play. Well, considering it to be an online game, details might be hard for some users due to slow internet connection.

Once login, one can create a team based on the certain approved teams EA has gotten permission to. Though there are no Malaysia Super League teams around.

Fifa Online 2 Select Team

To learn more about the gameplay, one can visit the game’s official website where it teaches one the basics of FIFA such as the A S D key. As always any game will usually have it’s own exploitation.

FIFA Online 2 Game Screenshots

Looking from the screen, one can adjust the power level of a kick, a lob or even a pass. Well, this game do give challenges when the AI seems to be able to score from every corner when left unchecked. Beware of the AI. Of course if you just don’t want to play the game and quitting halfway, you can exit the match.


Just be warned, doing so will automatically set your team as the losing team with the score of 0 – 3. In a way it’s fair since the points are updated online.

My judgement on this game : Fair, addictive but for Super 11 fans, this might not be your game. TechieDan got addicted to this game when he has nothing else to do.


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