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Updates Fifa Online 2

Posted by : | On : 14-08-2009 | Comments 13

It’s now back to a whole new gaming experience. Fans and players and maybe new players to Fifa Online 2 will now be able to enjoy a whole new experience playing this game. A recent review of this game written here has cleared up some doubts that it will be just like any other EA Sports Fifa 98 game play.

Good news : Fifa Online 2 gave TechieDan a shock with their upcoming new patches and what a major patch it was. A whole lot new players, a few changes to the recycling options and lots of new items and functions. There are also some of the changes in the winter transfer where players changes from club to club. Winter transfer does not include the change of teams of Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka to Real Madrid though.

The new WELCOME interface makes it a breathtaking wait.

Fifa Online 2 GameLoader New

Here are a few more notable changes based on the official site at the Official Fifa Online 2 Site.

– New Game Guide
– Cup Mode
– Club Transfer Updates (Winter Patch)
– New Cash Items
– Improved recycling system
– Club (Fellowship) Functions

Some screenshots to showcase the new patch.

Uniform Card and Recycling Function

It now only takes 6 cards to recycle into a new card and there’s an option to change to any uniform card color (max Purple for a fee of 200k).

Easy Search Function

Now one can even search a player from their team using the Searching tool provided on the team management option.

TechieDan gives this new patch a blazing high points. Now all they need to include are the pre-season transfers.

Recent Update May 26th 2010 : World Cup Module

Recent Update August 2010 : New Game Client

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(013) Comments

  1. falah said on

    how to update fifa online 2?

  2. satiaya kumar said on

    change my fifa online 2 game in my laptop into new version

    • techieDan said on

      Fifa Online 2 New Version is nice. So far there aren’t anymore new upgrades, the players still havent change their club. Most probably a new update during the new year transfer

    • sagar said on

      hey even i m facing the same problem it says ur version is too old go for a new version in my laptop can u plz help me

  3. Bbinz said on

    how to update Fifa online 2???please help me.

  4. wan said on

    how to update new version fifa online 2 help me ????

  5. wan said on

    how i can play fifa online 2???

  6. wan said on

    anybody can help  me?????

  7. buyi said on

    how to update new version fifa online 2 help me ????
    it still an old version

  8. raja said on

    how to update new version fifa online 2 help me ????

  9. suriaroy said on

    how to update new version fifa online 2 help me ????

  10. Malaysia said on

    why it say my fifa client 2 was not say some problem was caused it stop working..can help you help me to stop this problem

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