WordPress 2.6 Coming Up

Looks like the guys at wordpress.org, after giving us the all new improved interface of WordPress 2.5 is now in the process of getting the WordPress 2.6 up.

Well, not yet though, but surely, well, heck there’s even a download for the WordPress 2.6 Beta 2 up already. Now of course if you would like to know what are the recent changes, here are some brief description of it. A lot of fixes and new enhancements with an integration with Tumblr. The admin interface would also be a lot faster.

Though, one thing I need some fixing is the widget interface, when sometimes moving the widget around, it goes haywire. Now for those plugin writers and programmers, looks like it’s time for you people to update your plugins to support 2.6 on the day it’s released.

Kudos to the Guys in WordPress.Org

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