Syntax Highlighter Not Working

It has been a year since the day TechieDan had an error using SyntaxHighlighter that was installed in the blog suddenly not working, making all my codes appear jibberish during display. After changing to another theme, the problem was still not solved and finding a new theme would have a been a hassle seeing how the blog was already working well with the current theme.

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Finally got SyntaxHighlighter fixed in the blog and finally you will get to see codes written in code syntax for easier reading.

$test = "Visit TechieDan at";
$test2 = "Visit Daniel Chew the Wanderer at"
echo $test;
echo $test2;

It was a delight that the display went well. If you have the SyntaxHighlighter installed in your wordpress, go to your Editor and look at footer.php. Locate if this line of code exist before the </body> tag.

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

If you do not have this, just copy this line of code and put it just before the </body> tag. Voila, it should now work.

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