A Collection of Free WordPress Themes

TechieDan would be releasing his own wordpress theme out for the public in the coming months to come. Well, after been playing with lots of free wordpress themes out there, it’s time to come out with an own creation.

As it is known, the World Wide Web offers WordPress user and developer lots and lots of customization opportunities. Though the trend now seemed to focus more on the Web 2.0 feel. There are many out there selling premium themes but if you wouldn’t want to spend much yet on a new blog you can always go to sites, for example wprex.com which offers free wordpress themes .

One of the most important things, when viewing sites which offer blog themes is to have a screenshot on the post itself. Amazingly wprex.com offers a full page view screenshots of the themes on their page itself. As of writing, TechieDan has tested one or two of those themes. In the future, wordpress themes from TechieDan would be submitted to sites like wprex.com.

Side note: Downloading a theme that requires login, authentication will deter someone to actually bothered going to the site.

So, WordPress users will be happy to know a site which offers free WordPress themes.

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