New User Registered in Your WordPress

These few days I have been getting users registering to my WordPress as subscribers. At times I was wondering what are they doing, and I am getting subscribers. Then suddenly I noticed the names of it and the email accounts all too familiar.

After going through the Internet, I had found people with similar experiences. Though little is known then as to why they do it, but one thing for sure, I have now disabled User Registration unless needed. Unless of course one needs to login to post comments and stuffs.

Though there are some who seems to say that they got hacked because of this vulnerability in the previous WordPress versions. How true it is though, I am not sure. For now though, some safety measure could be taken. Besides since I am the only contributor and I don’t put any restrictions on my commentators, why not just lock it?


  1. Pretsel Maker April 9, 2009
  2. PrettyGirl2u May 20, 2009
  3. Fred Cash May 22, 2009

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