WordPress 2.7 Beta Edition

It was expected at TechieDan that WordPress 2.7 would at least appear on the month of November and so it did. Luckily for TechieDan, most of the time he uses Firefox for his wordpress testing and why is it still beta? it’s for the fix for both IE and Opera browser users to hold before they can get the final release of the WordPress 2.7 final version.

Seemingly, time for me to get my hands on the WordPress 2.7 and test it out on the localhost. So you’ve got to hand it over to the guys at WordPress.org who decided to come out with this beta version before the proper release of the WordPress 2.7 on November 10.

Don’t believe it’s coming out by that time, WordPress 2.7 Beta Edition is stated right at the post here, so expect more test and tweaks as the guys/girls there serve to make WordPress users satisfied. If you’re just contented with trying out the beta version without reading the rest of it, I’ve included the link to the download file.

All you need is just to CLICK HERE!!! 🙂 Happy WordPressing!

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