WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 Released Unexpectedly

Just when I was slowly getting the hang of it using the WordPress 2.7 Beta version, out of nowhere, the Version 2.7 Beta 2 version is out. Boy, it looks like it seem that there are lots and lots of bug fixes.

Now who would have thought that there would be tonnes of bug lying around in WordPress 2.7. Looks like more like a revamp on the WordPress engine with a little tweak here and there. Once again I am impressed.

Some slight note on current WordPress 2.6 is that, at times I can upload files using the flash Uploader, so this brought me using the typical one file a time uploader. At least that’s working. So maybe they’ll create another WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 and hopefully the release date of WordPress 2.7 will be on time.

Well, I am definitely anticipating this.

ps : Wonder why though, google feedburner is giving lotsa error 500 problems these days.

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