WordPress 2.5.1 Bug Fixes

Looks like WordPress has done it again. Another 70 other new enhancements or rather the negative term, bug fixings and stuffs for the current 2.5 but we all know in the software world, there is definitely bound to be bugs and errors. So don’t we all just love our programmers to the max.

Well, after being away for almost a week, it’s time for me to rekindle this blog back to it’s feet. One most important feature that I will think will help is the new Media Uploader. Previously I have to alter my .htaccess file manually or rather overwrite the current one with the corrected .htaccess file.

I heard that WordPress 2.5.1 has already fixed that bug. Well if you’re a WordPress user, you will truly understand what I meant by that. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for more improvements from the guys at WordPress. 😀

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