TTPlayer MP3 Player 5.5 New Update

A few months back, techieDan introduced a new MP3 player software. If you could recall it’s the TTPlayer 5.5 and now after a few months back, techieDan decided to do another review for it. Well, due to it’s latest new updates and unlike the other previous updates, these time they offer something worth noting.

TTPlayer is now out with version 5.5, after a few weeks in beta. What’s new for this version is that it now looks way better in terms of interface and it now comes along with a few skin. Here’s what it looks like, seems to be in sync with Web 2.0 style like standard.

TTPlayer New Skin Design

Amazing, the interface looks so sleek, but that’s not just what techieDan wants talk about. As this player tries to download the latest lyrics from song titles that are shown from its database, the lyrics part received another boost in upgrade.

The lyrics could now be made transparent for it’s background and previously one can set the player to be on the top most layer, now even lyrics have that ability. Here’s the screenshot of it.

Transparent Lyrics

Yes, the lyrics are now that big and you can continue doing your work with the lyrics playing for one to see. How cool is that? It’s way cool, there’s an option for one to move it about and locking it in position so that one won’t accidentally click on the lyrics while doing some select drop function.

There are also various functions out there, for example the opacity of the player itself. One can set it from none opacity to 90% opacity (Photoshop Users would understand this concept).

After looking at this software, it’s well worth the download, though it still caters more to the Chinese reading community. The file is a mere 2.68Mb and unlike Windows Media Player that takes up load of resources, this one seems to use minimal memory resources. A great tool with a 4.5/5 rating for it this time around. For convenience sake, here’s the download file for it so that you don’t go through cracking your head.

If you would like to look thru more skins, you can find it at their official skin site here.


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