Corrective, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance – What You Need To Know

For any business, maintenance is an integral part and is necessary for it to run smoothly and efficiently in the long run. Maintenance is of different forms and should be incorporated into any businesses since carelessness can lead to loss of money as well as customer dissatisfaction. Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenances are some important strategies of maintenance that can bring a lot of benefits into your business.

Maintenance when done properly with care and timely approach, can do wonders to your business. It will help prevent problems to your equipment and if some malfunction does occur, it will help in timely repair. This article covers some important topics related to different maintenance strategies and how they can benefit your business.

Importance of maintenance

Considering the fierce competition existing in the market nowadays, it is of utmost importance that the companies need to be able to operate in a productive way. There is no disputing consumer preference without working properly. Thus, CMMS is important for the success of any business as failures lead to interruption of activities which will generate a series of losses.

Defective equipment can affect the productivity of a company, as well as its efficiency and quality of the products or services provided. This will, in turn, tarnish the sales and the reputation of your business. If not taken care of properly, it will lead to many negative effects like

  1. Loss of consumer confidence
  2. The high cost of emergency repairs
  3. A decrease in business revenue
  4. Increase in accidents at work.

Preventive Maintenance

In preventive maintenance, strategies are adopted to prevent the failure of equipment or for preventing a problem from occurring. It is employed to prevent system failure, breakdown of equipment and consequently, non-compliance with the obligations that are assumed by the company. This strategy combines time tracking methods and conditions to provide tools and equipment to keep up with the needs. Thus here, inspection is done even if the resources are fine with an aim to prevent possible failures or problems.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance aims to correct or repair failed systems or equipment that have broken down or malfunctioned somehow. If there is any resource that isn’t working properly, then it is in need of a repair. This type of maintenance can be thought of as emergency maintenance since it is employed just after the break or deficiency of the said item.

A facilities manager needs to be aware of this type of maintenance as it can cause losses in business. In addition to the high cost of repair, you may even fail to meet the deadlines which will affect the credibility of the business. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the time for taken for corrective maintenance in your company and work in a way so that this time can be reduced.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is also known as planned maintenance and has a different organization. In this method, adjustments and maintenance are performed only when needed but without waiting for the equipment to stop working. Thus, predictive maintenance requires a lot of attention since it is imperative to have direct and constant control and monitoring to be able to predict when there is a need for performance and the procedures needed for this.


This article covers all the basic things that you need to know about maintenance and its importance. Hopefully, it will help you in your business.

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