phpMyAdmin Error – MySQL Password Changed

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RAGE!!!! phpMyAdmin has to go haywire on me. Well, that happens after installation of something new and something which changes your MySQL configuration.

Well, for those that are trying to access phpMyAdmin and suddenly faced with the screen below, you will be delighted that all is not lost.

phpMyAdmin Access Denied

Most who have installed phpMyAdmin on their own desktop for testing purpose usually do not use any password at all. Well, now how about that. An application you have just installed suddenly modifies your MySQL password and then all of a sudden your phpMyAdmin stopped working.
To fix this problem, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate your phpMyAdmin folder. (If you are using the free WAMP, it should be in /apps/phpMyAdmin/)
  2.  Locate file
  3. If you know the password to the new MySQL connection, then insert the password below in the file highlighted. Example let’s say that your password is yourpassword :

    $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘password’] = ‘yourpassword’; file

  4. Now try accessing your phpMyAdmin application again. It should now work.

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