Have You Gotten Your Firefox 3.5?

Mozilla is obviously improving to accomodate everyone’s browsing experiences. A few weeks or rather a few months ago, I was introducing the steps and looking thru Internet Explorer 8, now Mozilla Firefox came up with a new version a few days ago. The latter is know as Mozilla Firefox 3.5.

With the introduction of Firefox 3.5, users can start to tinker with lots of security issues being handled. Though it will take awhile before some plugins and add-ons to be compatible with Firefox 3.5, but it’s a start of a new browser adventure.

Based on the official site, firefox 3.5 now offers super fast improvements and so called 2x more speed than Firefox 3.0. The ability to watch ogg extension videos online is also a bonus.

Firefox Movie Plugin

Some other things to watch out though, is that if only the memory usage of Firefox could be lesser, but as usual with greater technology comes more responsibility.

I am downloading my Mozilla Firefox 3.5 now here, how about you?

Editor’s Note : After using Firefox 3.5, the performance and speed is really there. So far all my plugins worked well with this version.


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