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So are you being what one calls a splendid social networker? Need to know the tips and tricks to be a proper crowd (in this case readers) puller and also what do actually people wants?

A blog can be a great tool for emphasizing what one wanted their readers to read, to learn and to entertain. Here in TechieDan, this blog aims to help its readers to learn about technology and also problem solving that the writer of this blog is facing on his everyday technical life which could be applied to others.

Though when TechieDan was first started, it needed the exposure and one of the ways to do that is to use a social networking tool to enhance its stature amongst other blogs out there. This also helps to drive the traffic towards the blog. In the first few years of opening this blog, there were no prominent social networking tools. Those days, relying on SEO is a major way of getting the proper scoop of the public.

Rock The Post Long Logo

One of tools that I would recommend is http://www.rockthepost.com. After browsing through the site, other than the normal usual blogger tool, it also helps both beginning online and offline entrepreneurs to gain the necessary . One of the highlights of this portal is its potential to reach out to people without the necessity of going through another middle party, thus removing the underlying cost that comes with it. Unlike some tools which I have used and are biased towards traffic and page ranks of the specific sites, this mentioned tool is great as it creates equal opportunities to everyone who is in.

Now what do I mean by that? In order to start a project, one needs a group of people to make it work. This is where I think that RockThePost.com excels. Team members are grouped together from this site and then slowly the project grows (of course some just given up the project) and that is how this is not only a social networking tool, it is also a business networking tool. Of course, if you need anyone to help to formulate something for your site, this is also one of the best places to look for. Though one thing about this, is that sometimes it will get too cluttered.

Who knows, maybe in the future TechieDan.com could be a site to relate to each other technical people out there. Who knows? If I really do that, I might need to assemble a team, so I guessed this is the platform which I would most likely use.

Edit: This service is now down. If you need your link here and provide the same services, do email me with your offer as I do not want a good article going to waste. I will be able to update the site with your brand too.

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