5 Tips to Indie Gaming

Independent video games, or indie games for short, pertain to the category of video games that were developed and published with little to no financial support. There are also several of them that only receive publisher funding and are still considered as indie games. For some, this genre of video games can be likened to the independent category of motion pictures. Instead of being profit-oriented, indie games are made out of the creative smarts and original ideas of the developers who are hoping for their games become more popular someday.

Usually, indie games aren’t patronized by a lot of video game players primarily because of the lower graphics quality compared to mainstream games which receive sufficient funding. Indie games, with a few exceptions such as ‘Faster than Light’ and ‘Don’t Starve,’ generally do not make massive profits too as a result. On the bright side, indie games are highly acclaimed for their innovation, originality, and creativity as a result of repeated trial and error and result-oriented approach of their developers. This category is, perhaps, an unexplored paradise for avid players of video games regardless of their favorite genres. The indie gaming community is full of great potentials just waiting for their turn in the limelight.

If you want a break from your usual video games and you want to experience something new, then the indie world is just the right place for you. Check out these five tips to playing independent video games, and you might find the perfect game for your kind of style.

game manuals

1. Read the manuals.

Since the number of followers of a particular indie game is expected to be much less than those of mainstream games, there are only a few game guides and reviews that you can find online. You can take time to read the game manuals and practice on the tutorial mode of the game. You may also visit Breech.co for complete guides and reviews on some of the best indie games out there.

2. Be patient and be part of the development.

Like other games in their early stages, newly published indie games can have a lot of bugs and other issues too. Report this directly to the development team and be part of the game’s ongoing improvement. You can also share your insights and suggestions to them.

3. Sign-up for an early access pass.

Most indie games undergo beta-testing as well before they are released to the public. You can sign up for free trials and help them make the game better. Some developers with extra funding might offer paid beta-testing too! So keep an eye for these opportunities.

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4. Watch out for free copies and game sales.

As an effort to publicize and distribute their games more efficiently, indie game developers are going digital instead of selling retail CD copies of their games. Many indie games can be downloaded for free with paid in-game items that you can purchase to either help you advance or improve your gaming experience. There are also gaming websites that offer indie games at discounted prices and unlimited playing for $10 per month or less.

5. Support the indie gaming community.

Last but not the least important tip is to support the developers for the benefit of the whole gaming community. Refrain from downloading pirated copies of indie games if you can spare a few bucks. Donate any amount if you can, especially if you enjoyed playing their games. There are also a lot of indie game crowdfunding campaigns that you can support online.

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