TTPlayer New Updates 5.5.2

Amazingly, words cannot describe how TechieDan has been using the TTPlayer to play mp3, wma, wav files. Up till date, no other player has been given the highest ratings other than this player. TTPlayer has just been updated with the latest patch which is TTPlayer 5.5.2. As the main website of TTPlayer is in Chinese, TechieDan will do the translation purposes.

TTPlayer 5.5.2 New Update Screen

Here are the updates for this patch.

  • support TAK audio formats, high-quality professional-quality.
  • read compressed package audio file, smoother sounds. (What does it mean? – basically reading from a zip/rar file)
  • downloadable skins from the web included, online database of songs easily accessed.
  • media player 10 skin upgraded, added a button to operate windows and desktop music lyrics easier.

Though if you can read chinese, here are the updates in Chinese.

  • 支持TAK无损音频格式,高音质彪显专业品质.
  • 读取压缩包内音频文件,一点就听流畅不变 .
  • 内置网络版本皮肤,在线听歌如此简单.
  • 升级media player 10皮肤,新增按钮轻松操作音乐窗及桌面歌词.

ttplayer 5.5.2 Install Screen

To think that this software is really giving users the convenience of downloading lyrics way easier. All it need is to locate the lyrics through it’s lyrics database and it’ll automatically download right to your computer.

Finally the all too familiar interface of TTPlayer 5.5.2.

tt-player 2.2.5 ScreenShot

So where to get this wonderful application. Click on this link to get your latest updated installer from TTPlayer.

Wish : Still wishes for an English Site for TTPlayer though.


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