Resizable TwitterFox

Twitter is the IN thing these days. Back then when there was plurk, now the hype is all about Twitter. Well, so to say that using my Firefox and having plugins to support twitter is what helps me to keep up to date to the people I am following.

Have been using TwitterFox as my personal twitter update with my FireFox 3, and it looks like that there is an upgrade to this remarkable tool. The interface has changed.


Well, it looks pretty normal on this, but wait till you see the next screenshot.

Giant TwitterFox

Yes, TwitterFox is now resizable and you can actually drag it all the way to envelop the whole screen (though the editor must be wondering why would one do that though). A very good improvement to my eyes as now one can read tweets in one single line.

Well, speaking of twitter, some amazing new features, would like to see is the ability to change more of it’s skin color. Sort of a minor update, but it sure will be good to merge the colors of it with the dashboard. So far there’s black color, wonder when all the other colors would be available.

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