Firefox 4 Officially Released

Firefox 4 is finally released. Well, it was a few days back news but a few days without testing would not be hands on experience. Previously I was testing out Firefox 4 but it was in Beta version.

Firefox 4 Caricature

What Can We Expect from Firefox 4?

Trying to update the Firefox 4 Beta, TechieDan got this message. It was claimed that it would be 6x faster than Firefox 3.6. How true is that?

Firefox 4 New Install

Showing how it is easy to install Firefox 4, TechieDan will show you the steps he took just to install Firefox 4 into his machine.

Downloading the new Firefox to replace the older versions is just fast as the size is only 15.5 MB. Now wait till the download is done and the following screen would appear.

Firefox 4 Download

It is now up to you whether you would want to Restart Firefox or not. Do not worry about your open tabs as it will automatically be opened by Firefox if you do not want to close your opened tabs.

Restart Firefox

So what seems to be the new interface here?

Firefox 4 Group Tabs

Something like a Google Chrome variant?

We now have Tab Groups which could be accessed by clicking the drop down on the top right corner or using the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + E. Definitely what we can call a whole new firefox and in terms of speed wise, TechieDan can call it definitely what it claimed to be. Faster than usual and definitely what one expected when jumping to a newer version.

It was the same when Firefox 3 was newly launched after Firefox 2 and now we have Firefox 4. Technology evolves very fast these days. Of course, Mozilla Firefox was never a fan of Microsoft and just look at the incompatibility here. framework assistant incompatible firefox4

All my plugins are working properly all except the Microsoft.NET Framework Assistant. As I have used Firefox 4 Beta before this official release, at least they have fixed the bug where I login at a certain site and it would crash the browser. Now it is finally fixed.

If you have not tried Firefox 4, it is also available for Mobile.

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