WAMP having mysqld error

This guide is for those who are knowledgeable in php and decided to try testing their own webserver with the WAMPServer.

The unexpected error happens after a fresh installation of WampServer on Windows XP SP3. Installation would be smooth. Error will start to exist when the WampServer is started. It fails to load or start MYSQL, thus not allowing access to phpMyAdmin.

mysqld error

This frustrated TechieDan as much as it frustrates the rest of the people out there. Is there a solution for this?


Go to Start > Run > services.msc
Locate wampmysqld and right click to select properties
Select “Log On” tab and check the following “Allow service to interact with the desktop.”

Your WampServer should now work as usual. Reason behind this has not been found yet. Post might be updated to look upon the reasons behind this reasoning.

Edit : There has been some cases that this solution might not work for everyone. TechieDan will be testing more possible solutions.

Edit 2 : Some who did this still had the error accessing phpMyAdmin. Remember to delete the bin folder before restarting. If all else fails, download the latest WampServer on wampServer’s official site.

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