5 Tips to saving your company money on faxing documents

There was a time when fax machines were all the rage and it would be rare to find an office that did not own one. Before the rise of the popularity of emails and the like, people shared documents by faxing them.

fax document

Although rarely used, it is still being used in some offices. If your company needs to send a fax to other departments or even other offices, you don’t actually need to buy a fax machine in order to do that. Especially if you know that you will rarely use a fax machine, you don’t need to spend that much money on something that you will only occasionally use. Check out the ways that you can save money on faxing below.

  1. Share files through cloud storage – if the purpose of faxing a document is to communicate with other people in the same office building, then it would just be better to share files through the cloud storage. You can use tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive in order to send files and documents. That way they can just make use of their laptops or mobile devices in order to view the document. You not only save money by not needing to purchase a fax machine, but you also are making a way to use less paper which can be good for the environment.
  1.    Do fax broadcasting  – with a traditional fax machine, one of the hardest things to do is to send the same document to the several persons. With a machine, you would need to do that one by one which is time-consuming. You can get a software or service that allows you to send one documents to several persons or companies so that you can save money, time and effort.
  1.    Use a fax software – instead of buying a machine, you can use your computer to send a fax by buying a fax software instead. But take note that when you do this, you would still need a fax line that you should connect to your computer. This fax line must be a dedicated fax line so if you are only using it sparingly, it might not be the most economical option.
  1.    Look for websites that offer free services  – if you don’t want to use the software, then consider searching the internet for some websites that let you send a fax for free. But of course, being a free service means it has its limitations. Not all types of documents may be accepted plus if you have a big file and several pages you need t send, it might not be possible as some websites only allow a few pages.
  1.    Switch to digital or online faxing instead  – your best choice would be to switch to online faxing. A fax service like Gmail Fax Pro gets you a virtual fax number so you won’t need a dedicated fax line. It also accepts all types of documents. With Gmail Fax Pro, you can do fax broadcasting and fax documents from your laptop and even your mobile device.

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