Mozilla Firefox 9 Unleashed

TechieDan loves the new Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 that was just unleashed recently as of date of writing. Well, considerably there was significant increase of speed in this new browser. It was only just June when Firefox 5.0 was released to the public and we now finally have version 9.

Firefox 9 Up To Date

The browser looks promising as Firefox greeted its users with a new splash screen which is more of their color. What is new?

What features TechieDan was more concerned of was the one highlighted in bold. With the surprising new HTML5 garnering more support, it will be great when one day we can make do with all the obsolete HTML code style.

Firefox 9 Phoenix

Up till now Firefox has been the most used browser for developers due to its capabilities to incorporate plugins like Firebug (help designers to locate CSS, Javascript problem), Youtube Downloader (plugin to download movies from the web) and many more. It has been a major year as the year 2011 will close in another 2 days time and thank you Mozilla for finally releasing the latest release before the close.

Once again, Happy New Year to all the readers here.


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