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Welcome to the world of the Internet. The world of cyber age. Many have heard of WinAmp and how it started the genre to play mp3 file formats. Then Microsoft started making it’s Windows Media Player to be compatible with mp3 file formats so people can hear their favorite songs on their PC.

Winamp has even came up with a plugin to incorporate lyrics into the songs being played. But now I would like to introduce to you instead another player called TTPlayer. Unlike other MP3 players out there, this have me given it one of the highest ratings due to their incorporation of lyrics.

The automatic download of lyrics from the database and also the usage of smaller memory makes this application one of the most viable choice. The only downside is that the menus are all in Chinese words which would be a hassle for those that are unable to read the language at all. As of date, the current latest version is the new TTPLayer 5.3 Beta. Here is a screenshot of it using one of the skins they provided.

TT Player Skin

Skins TTPlayer

Above all, I will rate this software an excellent 4/5 due to it’s usefulness and how it excels above most other mp3 softwares. Seeing this way though, the only drawback for not getting a perfect 5/5 is due to it’s language barrier. Maybe they might do something to it in the coming future.


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