Internet Filter for Kids and Work

Internet is now not really a comfort to many people, it is now like part and parcel of everyone’s basic life. Well, more or less to those who can afford a tool (PC, smartphones, etc.) that could go online. Of course, most of us web surfers here would be able to acknowledge to that. One thing though, Dan here knows how to filter his surfing from going into unwanted sites.

Sometimes thing happens unexpectedly

Though, little can be said about the kids. Just a few days back, one of the kids went surfing on the internet only to run into an unwanted web link that when clicked would run a install feature which would have been disastrous to our very own TechieDan. It would have installed the dreaded Trojan horse file that could have most of the information leaked.

Seriously, Dan has thought that this needs to have a filtering ability. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have their own filtering technique to prevent kids from accessing sites like pornography. We all thought that this would be enough. No matter how, the inbuilt detection from the browser still has its limitations. It is also a problem for the average surfers where websites which deemed normal suddenly turn up to be a problematic website and as such it is also not only a problem for the kids but also for the average public that surf the internet.

What steps could be taken?

Net Spective Internet Filtering

So it is time to look for some other sources of internet filtering. One such example would be NetSpective. Well, third party internet filtering appliance like NetSpective seems to be a swift solution for most of these problems. We might be IT pros but once again it would be better to be safe than sorry. It would be unbelievable if TechieDan would have failed because of situations like these.

If up till now you have been unsure as to what internet filtering meant, have a look at the brief description here.

Internet filters protect children and teens from questionable and malicious internet content, which makes them a must for schools, libraries, rec centers, churches or any place with child care or after school programs.

An advanced web filtering solution can also help your business increase employee productivity, decrease security risks and threats and maximize your network’s capacity.

I want to protect the organization

As above I believe most readers here would have been from an organization looking for solutions to their problems. Remember that employers should learn to minimize risks for their organization and thus it is important to obtain a security feature as such. Just a simple mistake by one employee could jeopardize the whole intranet in the company. As an employer we would not want this to happen right?

So what about your thoughts then? Still considering whether to have an internet filter installed on the network? Consider no more, time to eliminate those pesky problems.

In short, internet filtering is not only for the kids, it also applies to us adults in our every daily life. Time for some filtering to be done. Get rid of those pesky annoying ads, pornograhy websites and malicious malwares and spywares.

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