Putty – Telnet SSH Option

Some software stuffs that I have been using for the past few years of my software development. Yes, the name of the software is Putty.

Alright it wasn’t for software development but more for me to access the linux or unix version of the web hosting. Well, surprisingly lots of the hosting are done on a linux machine, thus there is a need to remotely access the website to configure or to restart the machine after uploading a new file.

Putty is just a connect protocol software with either SSH, Telnet, RLogin and Raw. Why do I need this? I can restart my tomcat, JBoss application on the server machine with just a few commands in Unix command. But instead of talking what I did, how do I get this software.

Putty First Screen

Of course not everyone will know how to use it unless you’re in the technical side of IT. So where  can I get this? Written by Simon Tatham, you can read more about it on his site.


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