Google Chrome Browser

Just when you thought Firefox and Internet Explorer was the dominating figure with Safari, Opera in the background, another strong powerhorse of the Internet market is making their own browser. What more but Google who developer their own browser named the Google Chrome.

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s now available for DOWNLOAD HERE. Well, so far response from certain users has said that Google Chrome is fast and browses the web quite efficiently. Only though, it still doesn’t support other small applications on the web like plurk and for certain websites, it displays haywirely.

After testing and trying out this browser, techieDan has found out that it’s not a bad browser to use, with the memory consumption lesser than usual. Can even import your bookmarks and history from Firefox which should come in handy to those that wants to shift over to Chrome.

Well, so be it, being new in this market but we shall never underestimate the power of Google and their developments. Looks like it’s time to carry on moving forward and look forward to more developments.

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