Unable to Start Mozilla Firefox

Have been using Mozilla Firefox for awhile and the latest version as of now 3.6. Strangely, Firefox on a fine day suddenly stopped working and when I look at my Windows Task Manager (accessed using shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Esc) under Processes tab, Firefox did start. There’s a process name firefox.exe running but with no browser in sight. That’s right! TechieDan is unable to start Mozilla Firefox for a reason.

One way to try to overcome this problem is to run Firefox in safe mode. Somehow that didn’t work too.

  1. Go to Task manager and end process “firefox.exe”
  2. Go to programs -> Mozilla Firefox -> open in safe mode.

Firefox Safe Mode

Firefox in safe mode doesn’t seem able to run too. The best option now would be to reinstall Mozilla Firefox.

Strangely, Firefox is now back in order and ready to run. What a strange phenomenon. But what’s the cause of this problem? Looking through the web, one such cause would be due to an infinite loop in the script running either through the add-ons or certain extensions.

Thus, the option I took was to reinstall Firefox and you will still be able to keep all your bookmarks on the tab.

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