Antivirus Your PC Codename VIPRE

Most PC out there are either pre-installed with Windows or Open Source Operating System (Linux) but somehow there are a few things which PC and laptop users are afraid when it comes to important data. Are their files and transfer over the Internet secure? What if I’ve got hacked? What if I’ve got VIRUSES?

There are many antiviruses out there, some of them using more resources than others, but today techieDan is going to introduce to you an antivirus which would be using lesser RAM resources compared to the bigger commercialized antiviruses software. Codenamed VIPRE, it not only acts as an Antivirus Software , it’s also an effective spyware buster.

As usual, the most important factor is the speed and performance hungry level of an application when in view of a software. VIPRE seems to be having the edge over most of the antiviruses out there.

VIPRE interface

Though, unlike other free antiviruses, VIPRE is not free. A single user annual subscription is $29.95 which is about RM90++ in Malaysia. As usual good things don’t come in FREE packages. At least the most important factor is that VIPRE has the 15 DAYS TRIAL period which is what I would say a good evaluation before one can think of purchasing the license.

Looking at this software, techieDan would say that in terms of performance, this one has the edge over the few bigger names. Screens are easily read. Though personally, techieDan loves the cool name for an antivirus¬† (VIPRE, snake biting software). As of now, the current version is 3.1.2775 and a filesize of 13.6 MB. Not bad for it’s small download size.

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