FireFox 3 Beta Review

I am currently running Firefox 3 Beta 4 in my home PC. When installing FireFox 3 Beta 4, you’ll be greeted with this FireFox page.

FireFox 3 Beta Homepage

Looks very futuristic and with promises of easier usage for web developers and extension developers, this version of FireFox 3 is so goin to kick ass.¬†Previously I was harboring on the subject of the launch of FireFox 3. Yes, since it’s first beta stages, it seems that FireFox 3 is still a bit buggy in certain ways. The most annoying thing is when visiting a site with adobe flash. The adobe flash plugin seems to alerting everytime even though the plugin is installed. Maybe due to it’s beta stages.

Though I am seriously happy with the new plugins that come along with this beta version of FireFox. With tools like WebDeveloper and GreaseMonkey, this sort of ease my web development process. Yes, and StumbleUpon toolbar works fine with FireFox 3 Beta. So far so good, even the memory consumption doesn’t take as much.

Slight Problem 
When accessing another chatbox in an iframe, it jumps out.
Constant flash of plugin required

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