Monitor Screen Trick

Since today is a start of a new month which is April 1st 2009, TechieDan would like to teach all of you; readers some fun things to do for those who are in college or work in the technical lab or, for those who are in the office and you want to play a prank on your office mates (though the latter might lead to excessive stress).

What I am about to teach you though, all you need is a computer. Well, and make sure the PC is not locked. Go to a computer and press CTRL + ALT + Left arrow key/Right arrow key /Down arrow key.

VOILA~~ Done you have just made it a practical tech joke for the day. Make sure that you’re somewhere around the corner laughing to yourself. Don’t overdo it though, or it might be some big trouble for you.

By the way, TechieDan wishes everyone here a Happy April Fools Day!!

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