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Google just did another update and guess what? dropped from PR 1 to PR 0? Previously it was PR 2 to PR 1, then now from PR 1 to PR 0. Is there something wrong with Google Page Ranking system. I wonder if they are really doing a proper job for the rankings.

I still remembered the time when first reached Page Rank 1 and it was a good feeling.

Well, not to say the least I think Page Ranking has done a great problem to all the webmasters out there. To get a Page Rank 0 for a dotcom is absurd at times. But what’s worse is if you have a blogspot account and if you didn’t update it for like few months, it still maintain it’s high page rank.

Biasness? Or rather google just want you to use their own products. I can’t believe it.

ps : It’s proven also with my page rank at my blogspot still maintaining it’s high PR even after days of not updating it at all. Wonder why?

Updated :

If your page used to have PageRank but not anymore it means either:

* banned by Google (hand penalty is made by Google employee)
* your site was down when Googlebot last crawled your site
* your page is considered duplicate content by Google


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