Maxis Prepaid Internet Plans Issue

Maxis Communications in Malaysia is in serious problem right now with many customers not happy with the deduction of their credits being slowly deducted for any mobile data usage. The problem is that the customers all have valid Hotlink Mobile Internet Passes and their limits are still not breached yet, but their credits were still deducting.

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Here is the sample SMS which TechieDan got from Maxis Communications pertaining to this issue.

RM0. You’re currently subscribed to Mobile Internet 1 Week 100MB Pass and you’ve used 100% of your Pass limit. Your Excess Pay Per Use data charges will be at RM0.05/10kB. To enjoy surfing at a lower cost, dial *100# > Internet and Settings > Mobile Internet to purchase a Mobile Internet pass.

What seems to be the problem?

  • Either Maxis Communications has a glitch in their software and everyone’s internet access has reached its maximum.
  • Someone must have changed the database following that they didn’t put a condition in their SQL Query, thus overwriting all records to its maximum.
  • Some unsatisfied programmer in Maxis sabotaging the company.
  • Hackers? (Doubt so)

After looking through some of these options, I would say it is a work of the programmers who must have done a very terrible mistake (either on purpose or accidentally). This is not the first time this has happened though as it has happened previously.

Users of Hotlink, you may proceed to the Maxis forum to pent up your frustrations there.

TechieDan would have to take a break from this problem for now.

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