TechieDan Page Rank 2

After years of technical appraisal and tutorials, has now reached another whole new level with the current Page Rank going up to 2. It’s been 2 hard years and finally today it’s a day to celebrate.

Page Rank is by Google and though it might not actually affect your SEO, it’s also a good way to gauge your website unless of course if your blog/website was previously banned by Google, or they just want to ‘unrank’ you.

Celebrate Little Things Peanuts

Cut the long story short, there will be more things upcoming. As for now, it’s just a celebration post. It might be small for some of you, but it sure is a big thing for TechieDan for now.


  1. kenwooi November 23, 2009
  2. Molly November 26, 2009

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