Make Money Selling Your Old Mobile Phones

Technology has so often proven more of a benefit than liability. Of course, benefit wise, it helps one to accomplish task faster than normal thus accommodate the human capabilities.

Of course, this should make sense in this current modern world. Everyone nowadays has a mobile phone. Owning a smart phone is now like the norm as we get to dabble with Android, iPhone and newer systems from Nokia and Samsung and the rest of the other mobile technology.
Though in the midst of it, I still keep my old trusty worthy simple non- smart phone for usage. The reasoning behind that is simple, it consumes less battery power and thus last longer.

iPhone Selling

Of course, I have super many old mobile phones that I felt it should be recycled wherever it can. Throwing them away is kind of hazardous and if it is still working, why not make some cash by selling those electronic mobile phones. Yeah, one can sell mobile phones. The link I just mentioned not only gives up to £450 for your old iPhones. Wait… wait.. hold on… that means in Malaysia it is about RM2000+ and in the States it is about US$700.

It sure is a good time to trade in the trusty HTC Hero for cash and get a newer phone. Time to let someone use the Hero and this will ensure that the environment is safer (TechieDan is not throwing his mobile phones away unless really needed).

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