Few Ways To Boost Internet Performance Today

Boost Internet Performance Wifi

Many users are under the impression that a slow-paced internet is always the fault of the internet provider. However, this article will dive into all the other reasons why it is slow and the things you can do to increase these speeds that can speed up your broadband work optimally.

Things such as the hardware or the software you use on your computer, the router, and possibly the computer you are working on, can all affect the speed.

The good news is that there are some easy and non-technical ways to enhance your experience and give you a much better internet connection, speed, and usability. Basically ways to boost internet performance. However, it is also good to start by checking what your internet speed is.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Things to Help Boost Internet Performance

Internet Speed

Let’s start with the simplest one – which is securing your Wi-Fi. The simple truth to mention here is that if it is not protected, anyone can gain access to it. There are some wi-fi hotspots that you can use that do not require passwords in public areas, however at your home, and in the privacy of your four walls, having someone use your wi-fi without you knowing it, is, well, illegal!

This could be one major issue that results in slower internet speeds. So, the recommendation here is, if you haven’t already done so, get that password set up on your connection and make sure it’s a difficult one to hack. Some professionals can hack any type of password within a matter of seconds. You can read about this online here.

Some helpful advice when creating a good password for anything is, to keep in mind the below 4 rules:

1. Make sure it has at least 12 characters in it. That’s the recommendable minimum. It could be longer too, which is better and as long as you can remember it.

2. Include a bunch of different things in it. Such as numbers, letters, both lower case, and upper case, include some special characters in it too, but not in that order – mix everything up. The more complicated, the harder it will be for any outsider to crack.

3. Obvious substitutions don’t help much either. What we mean is a lot of people tend to use the zero for an ‘o’ or vice versa. Sometimes they use “e” as a “3” in a word for example “H0use” instead of “House”. See the difference? Well, everyone does too. Replacing a 0 with an o is an obvious substitution. We’re confident you can get more creative than that.

4. Stay away from words that are in the dictionary. What this means is to stay away from obvious words or phrases for example “car” or “yellow car”, is a bad idea. Some further helpful information about this can be found online https://www.howtogeek.com/195430/how-to-create-a-strong-password-and-remember-it/.

Now that that’s done. Moving on, to other ways to improve your load times, let’s continue.

Doing Some Spring Cleaning every Once in A While

This may also sound like a very obvious thing to do, however, about 60% of internet users do not do it. What is it? Cleaning up your computer regularly.

There is a tendency of some background applications that run throughout the entirety of you using your computer without you even knowing.

Things such as updates done on Windows, of movie players in the back ground, background videos on websites playing, security scans and updates of those too, some chat applications load up once you turn on your computers such as Skype or Zoom, some simulators do constant updates as well. Also, don’t forget your Spotify.

Shutting down these applications can save you a ton of effort later. Band-width can be saved immensely, speed times can improve and an overall increase in performance can be your best bet when paying heed to this. If you’re not sure how to do this, we have included the steps below.

On your computer, press the CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons, which will bring up a page with a few options including ‘Task manager’, once you choose this one it will show you all the applications that are currently running on your PC and you can click on each one and end them.

Another thing to do when your spring cleaning is to delete any old files and to clear your browsing history as well. This will include any cache and cookies. Which could mean that you may need to insert your passwords in every program you would normally log into again.

Also, there are other extensions that you can download available to help you save your passwords all in one place, plus you also have Google’s password manager that asks to save your passwords on the go.

Do keep in mind that not to leave your passwords around or you might just be hacked like I used to back then.

Investing in one of two gadgets – A Powerline Adaptor or Broadband Accelerator

When you find your connection is slow, you can purchase something as simple as a powerline adaptor. This is a connection line that helps to boost signals from one room to another within a building.

If there are rooms in your house or office that have weaker signals than others, having this is a good option because it will extend the range of the signal

These are particularly useful if there are rooms in the house where your wireless signal is weak. Plus, you can buy and use it if just for yourself as opposed it sharing it with other people in the household.

Much in the same way as we recommend purchasing a powerline to help speed up things for you, there are also other devices you can get such as an accelerator. These are used as filters as well, and block any interference from any home phone wiring system. Useful content can also be found here.

Sometimes other electrical systems such as phones and electronics like televisions and radios cause interference and these gadgets are broadband accelerators that help to isolate the blocks, providing smoother connections.

See the source image

Getting Yourself a VPN

Sometimes, having done everything possible to get that top speed and nothing has worked, may just mean thinking out of the box and hooking up to a VPN.

For those who are not familiar with this concept, it simply means that instead of the connecting being between you and the internet provider, it will be between you and the VPN service provider. This is a safe, secure, and encrypted connection as well. It will not replace your monthly provider, but rather add a buffer in-between.

Simply put, instead of the hierarchy being YOU – INTERNET PROVIDER. It will now change to YOU – VPN – INTERNET PROVIDER. In some cases, a VPN could work for example when your connection is slow due to interference in the data path or having to connect to a server first. This instrument will avoid those ‘obstacles’ in the path for you, making a seamless and much quicker transition of information between you and the website(s).

Choosing a provider with multiple server locations around the world can be your best bet, because sometimes if you choose a provider that is very far from your one, it can take longer for the information or data to reach you and vice versa. Also, if the data path is overloaded it can hinder quick transmission times, so this is something to consider as well.

Is Your Router Too Old, Needs Replacing, or Just A Reboot Perhaps?

Sometimes it could just be something as simple as replacing your router, which you have had for years. New routers have more improved capabilities and security options than ones that were created 5 years ago. They could also be compatible with a much wider range of devices in your home. So, this could also be an option, but one must do proper homework on which would be the best one for you and your family. Check out a few different ones and do some comparisons between them.

If you’re not in the market for getting a new one, resetting or rebooting your existing one could work in speeding up your net too. For added benefit, if there are obstacles in Infront of it, we would highly recommend moving it to open spaces.

There you have it, we hope the above information will be insightful enough for you to be able to improve things in your premises. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for things to load due to slow load times and connections, especially when you have deadlines. Trying out one of these may help make things better.  

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