Fun Things To Do With a Phone To Entertain Your Friends

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Staying at home for the last few months has been tough for those who have a large social network. If you’re struggling because you miss your closest friends and family members, there are still ways you can have fun and entertain each other from a distance. Your smartphone has many different capabilities you can take advantage of to add some humor to your day. Here are a few funny tricks and fun things to do with a phone that you can try with your friends or family members. All it requires is only a smartphone.

Texting Games

After watching marathons of Netflix and playing hours of video games, try turning to your phone to help with the long hours of boredom. Tag a friend and play some of your favorite games just by texting. Classics like 20 Questions, Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, Name That Tune, and Truth or Dare can easily be played over a simple text messaging screen. Bring in a few more friends to make it a multiplayer game and help strengthen your bond during this tough time.

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Hilarious Memes

Another way to have fun with your phone and make your friends laugh is with memes. There are plenty of memes floating around the internet that you can easily copy and paste into a text message chain during an opportune time that makes sense. You can also raise the bar and make your meme game even more impressive by writing your own memes. For your own memes, focus on inside jokes that will make your friends roar with laughter.

Swapped Contacts

The next way to give yourself a few minutes of satisfying entertainment requires you to be in the same room as your friend or family member. Focus on someone in your household and get access to their phone. Take a few minutes when they’re occupied with something else and change the names of their most used contacts on their phone. Consider changing everyone’s name to the different characters in their favorite book, television show, or movie to get a laugh when they figure it out.

Fun Things to do with a phone
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Clever Voicemail Messages

You can also get some chuckles from anyone who calls you and listens to your voicemail message. Get rid of your basic, boring voicemail message that’s currently on your phone and change it to something unexpected and hilarious. Use a list of funny voicemail greetings to find something that will get the most laughs.

Unique Shortcuts

You can also give yourself some hilarious entertainment fodder by focusing on a phone’s shortcut applications for texting. You’ll need to access a household member’s phone and find their text messaging shortcut capability to make it work. Consider swapping out standard words that are commonly used for silly or strange phrases. Making these phrases into an automatic shortcut will create a whole new texting exchange that will surely get some giggles. Be sure to let the person know how to change it back after the joke is figured out.

Custom Voice Memo

If you’re finding yourself suddenly missing a close friend who isn’t nearby, one way to make the person laugh is to send a custom voice memo. Most smartphones have the capability to record and save voice memos. Record a special voice memo that references a funny story, experience, or inside joke between you and your pal and send it through a text message. Sharing a voice memo gives your friend a personal recording of you and helps make it feel like you’re still hanging out and sharing experiences.

The last of the Final Fun Things To Do with a Phone

Silly Airdrops

The last funny way you can interact with your friends is to use Airdrop. Airdrop is a function that is commonly found on iPhones, so it works best if you both have this model of phone. You’ll need to be physically close, but you don’t have to necessarily be in the same house. The distance to Airdrop is about 30 feet, so if your friend lives next door or in a neighboring apartment, this may work. Consider sharing a funny picture or meme that has a meaningful message using this app to give your friend something to laugh about.

Keep your boredom away and improve your friendships with these tech-savvy ways to entertain with your smartphone. Send silly texts, classic memes, funny jokes, and more with your phone and make the quarantine go by faster.

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