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In eBay, people buy things because one could bid and buy things at a great value. Sometimes the seller would earn more than the normal price of the cards. Buyers would also benefit where they take eBay like a trading tool (buy and sell).

Though at times, there are bound to be something funny going on eBay. While browsing through gaming cards, TechieDan stumbled upon one of the most ridiculous prices for a gaming card.

Crazy Price Stomper Cub at eBay

US $21,000,000.00 for a piece of card. Let’s look at the description for this card then.

crazy eBay stomper cub description

The small text at the Q&A reads

Q. i mean seriously lol
A. A new penny!!

I guessed the seller was planning to make this thing on purpose. Either he was having a funny feeling or maybe he’s a whacko.

Wondering what’s wrong, we shall look further into the sellers other items.

crazy ebay seller items

Everything was normal except the one above. At least this cracked me up while working in the office. If you wanna have a look at it yourself here’s the link to the seller lovetosingrock’s store.


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