eBay 2010 January Update – More Protection

Being a techist (self created synonym for someone who is in love with tech stuffs), after awhile you find that shopping online is way convenient. Well, some items you couldn’t get in your country, you can get it elsewhere and what better way to shop than going online. For those who love to bid and enjoy superb pricing on their products, one can do such thing on eBay. Localized version are also available, as such my country of origin, Malaysia also has it’s own eBay.

One of the interesting things about eBay International though is that I can use Paypal to pay for my products. Now one thing a lot of people are afraid of shopping online, especially in the vicinity of a country like Malaysia, is security. Though after 20 over years, people have gotten confident in buying and selling their products online. Thus eBay has even helped the online community to ensure their transaction go as smooth as possible.

As of January 2010, eBay has introduced a new update to help buyers and sellers.

New standard fees: FREE Auction-style with a low start price – Pay only if it sells
New Stores fee packages: Fixed Price as low as USD3¢ – Subscribe or update now.
Now just one Fixed Price format on eBay – Get full search exposure for as low as USD3¢

Buyers get covered with the new protection program.

New eBay Buyer Protection program inspires confidence, boosts sales
eBay Seller Protection – We’re here for you too!
Top-rated seller status available for cross-border sellers on more eBay sites

Fees are updated for the following options

Add watermarks to identify and protect your pictures
List variations like color and size in one Fixed Price listing – extended to more categories!
Category and Item Specifics changes now consolidated with the rest of updates

As an eBay user, I am satisfied with the services that eBay has offered TechieDan.

ps : I did not get paid for writing this article, I just wanted to create awareness in this society. By the way, how many of you here do eBay?

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