5 Questions That Are Important To Ask A Web Designer Before You Hire

If you are planning to start a business, you should understand that it is extremely important for you to have a business website that promotes your products and provides a proper description of what you are about and what service you offer. Before deciding on hiring a web designer to construct your site, you need to ask him/her several questions. Here are 5 questions you must ask digital marketing professionals before you hire them!

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1. Ask the designer if you can see his previous work

This is really a no-brainer–you must ask the designer to showcase examples of his previous work. While doing so, you must ask him to show a site he has helped developed for a similar price range. Of course, you must be satisfied with his work before hiring him/her. You can even ask the web designer to provide contacts of his previous clients to understand if the work process was smooth and if the project was done on time.

2. Ask him or her about the content

Most web designers tend to only focus on the design of the site, giving little importance to the content. For a site to be successful, it is of paramount importance for the site to communicate its content properly. Therefore, both you and your designer must start planning for content in the beginning stages of website development.

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3. Ask the designer who is in charge of the technical work

You must ask the designer who is in charge of certain technical aspects of the job beforehand. For instance, you may be talking to a manager who is in charge of an entire team or a person who handles all the tasks by himself. There might be specific departments for graphic design, copywriting, and programming etc. Basically, you need to understand who you will be in contact with during the developments. Therefore, it is essential for you to communicate with someone you can relate to.

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4. Ask him or her what happens if you don’t prefer the initial design

You must ask the designer how many rounds of changes they are willing to allow in the finalized fee. While some firms are happy to change the site for as many times as possible, others aren’t too keen on that idea. In order to be certain of the design, you must ask the designer to create an outline of the creative process, the color schemes they are planning to apply, the fonts they intend to use, and the images they´ll post on the site, giving you a clearer picture of how the site will turn out.

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5. Ask him/her about handling bugs

You must know how many hours the designer is willing to provide for bug fixes and changes after the site goes live. Not all designers are willing to provide free hours to fix the problems after the site goes live, charging for every update post sign off.

What do you think then? I bet there are more things to ask but this I think is the first 5 basic questions one should ask. Drop me a comment and perhaps share your questions around too.

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