TechieDan was Hacked 2 Days Ago

2 Days ago, was hacked due to one of the websites hosted on the same server with higher priority granted access to the hacker. The hacker even changed the username and password on one of the WordPress blog and then by doing so he gained access to some of the server’s ability.

Granted that, here was the screen capture of what happened during the past few days when TechieDan was on a hiatus.

TechieDan hacked

Must be some person who hates America and Israel. Well, I am sure some of you have been hacked before. How did I recover the data and where was the location that the hacking was done. It was done on the header.php, by writing their own javascript to overwrite the older one so it will redirect to a page where the hacking page would be.

One good thing about WordPress is if you are still able to login to WordPress using your username and password, just reinstall wordpress and it should be good as new. Of course, if that does not work just reinstall the theme.

That is why it is always important to backup your WordPress data so in the case of emergency cases like these.


Also, a recent attack again. This time the culprit was found. It was one of the blogs which does not have a secure password and user name. For those sites, TechieDan have fixed the issue and have informed the owner of the blog that their password has been changed. Blog owners out there, to protect the safety of your blogs, do remember to choose a proper user name that only you know and also a secure password. Not something as simple like ‘admin’ or ‘123456’

Here is the new attack photo.

Hacked Round 2


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