New Google Reader Play

Google recently brought upon a new creation from their Google Reader which is Google Reader Play. Well, if you’re a user of Google Reader for your RSS needs, I am sure you would have noticed this slight notice on the top half of the main page of Google Reader.

Try clicking the “Give it a try” link. Here’s how the first page looked like.

Here’s the text from the photo in the case the photo doesn’t load.

Welcome to Google Reader Play, a fun, fast way to browse the most interesting stuff on the web, personalized just for you.

We’ll keep track of the things you star, like, or share, and we’ll show you more stuff you’ll like the next time you use Reader Play.

Does that mean the system is getting more intelligent?

Here’s the view after you’ve clicked Get Started and there are tonnes of interactivity from the slideshow view. Looks like Google Reader Play will be a new way to read future RSS for TechieDan.

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