TM HSBB is now Unifi – High Speed Broadband

Right after the day of launching of the TM HSBB, the following day, it’s been renamed to Unifi – High Speed Broadband. Pricing of this broadband service is also out. Here are the current prices currently out.


For normal users who only twitter, facebook, email this would be a waste for High Speed Broadband, since it’s called High Speed Broadband, the usage should be for accessing things in high speed like Youtube, Downloads. One of the good thing is bale to have free call to TM fixed lines nationwide.

For 5Mbps users, download will be capped at 60GB. Questions still remain unanswered though at what happens after the download cap is reached. Will the speed drop lower than 512kbps? Will they charge for releasing the download cap? Will there be a warning for it? Up till now, no one knows anything about it.

So Unifi High Speed Broadband is finally implemented. Here is a comment from around the Internet.

Someone said it’s a daily cap. So if you take 60GB,you’ll get like 2GB a day. Once you exceed that, oh, crap for the rest of the day.
Worse than Australian peak and off peak.


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