Get Ready for 2020 With These Digital Marketing Trends

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The year 2020 is coming up sooner than expected. As a marketing professional, you will need to stay up to date and embrace what currently appeals to the consumers. Some trends tend to stay relevant over several years, while others have emerged just in time for the upcoming year. It is time to get a head start on the changing digital marketing trends and generate success for your clients.  

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Temporary Stories 

First created by Snapchat and its innovation called “My Story”, these micro videos can be collected and viewed in chronological order, creating an authentic and personal narrative that urges people to watch during its 24-hour lifespan. Since then, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have recreated this persuasive formula. Some brands focus on the urgency, while others like Eyal Gutentag‘s ZipRecruiter Instagram marketing, focus on weaving a longer narrative. 

Partnerships With Influencers

Just as celebrities can use their notability and power to endorse brands, so can today’s internet influencers. A partnership with an influencer has the potential of greater success, as consumers have greater accessibility through social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. These apps also allow these individuals to present themselves as consumers, which persuades followers more than traditional press releases or advertisements. Influencers can also appeal to niche interests or cultures, guaranteeing dedicated followings. 

Shoppable Posts 

Online merchants create and manage social media accounts to inform followers about products and services. Some of them have taken this to the next level by creating posts that both inform about a product and give the user the ability to purchase it immediately. These shoppable posts remove the extra steps involving linking to the actual website and making a formal purchase. They also appeal to more impulsive buyers. 

Digital marketing continues to evolve every year, urging marketing companies to stay current. Research and adopt the newest innovations to start 2020 on a strong note. 

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