Google Buzz Uprising February

Most of us have Facebook and Twitter accounts which are social medias to keep ourselves in touch with the online community. At times we rely on these tools that without them, we don’t seem to catch up with anything. Though Google now brings you Google Buzz, somewhat the counterpart of both Twitter and Facebook.

Google Buzz? Where can I find it? As a matter of fact, those with gmail accounts is already a Google Buzz user. Google integrated Buzz together with GMail.

By default, contacts that you have in GMail with their own respective gmail accounts would automatically follow them. As of now, many speculations are on the Internet as to what is Google Buzz is all about! Some say they rival Twitter, some say they rival Facebook, while others say they combined both Facebook and Twitter into one convenient application.

As of date of launch, Google Buzz has generated a few comments from the social internet circle. Let’s see how Google Buzz has it in a few days time.

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