UNIFI down on 21st May 2012

Surprise, TechieDan is now operating on Unifi, finally the high speed broadband that was launched 2 years back.

Frustrated with Unifi

Although, it looks like Unifi was down last night. It was indeed a frustrating time as after the termination of Streamyx in Malaysia, Unifi was looked upon as a continuous business tool as transaction could be done online. The downtime was preposterous as it took such a long time to resolve.

Due to that, many emails were not answered; there are many pending investigations and queries. Nevertheless, thank God for 3G.
Here is another blogger showing some frustration regarding this situation on that day.

Frustrated with Unifi – Esther Chew

After next month, TechieDan.com will take a major change with the real author’s name being showcased for better creditability. The design might also take a change from the previous templates.

On a side note

How many of you out there are still using dial ups, 56K, 33.6K to connect to the Internet? Wondering if this is still in use. Thank you for supporting and subscribing to TechieDan for all these while, thank you.

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