Why less is more when it comes to Web Design

A website is a critical aspect of business success in 2019. In fact, as e-commerce replaces brick-and-mortar stores, websites are taking up the role of the storefront. As such, when designing a website, you need to ensure that it is as attractive as possible. However, attractiveness doesn’t mean that you develop an overly complex website. In fact, you should get a web designer who can give you a website that is as simple as possible. A simple looking website can help you achieve you much more in terms of customer conversion. To give you context on this, here is why less is more when it comes to web design.

Web Designer

1.    Choice paralysis is real

The internet gave us all the information we need on the palm of our hands. However, this has created a new set of problems, and one of them is choice paralysis. Multiple studies show that, when presented with multiple choices, people tend to skip them all. The information overload makes people unable to choose. To avoid such a situation, which can cost you money in terms of lost revenues, make your website as simple as possible. If possible, focus it on one or two core products. By doing this, people will get used to your website for a specific product, which is key to driving niche traffic.  If you have lots of products, or services that you would like to offer, you would be better off consolidating them into a few easily identifiable categories. Alternatively, you can sell them using different websites.

2.    A cluttered website looks scammy

This is 2019, and there are lots of scam websites on the internet. Most people have come to associate cluttered websites with scams, especially if they entail an online payment. To protect the reputation of your website, ensure that it is as simple as possible. For best results, ensure that it only contains the necessary information. Don’t be tempted by the need to try and impress your potential clients with so much salesy information. There are better ways of driving web traffic. For instance, if you invest in SEO, you should be in a position to drive sustainable traffic to your website.

3.    You come across as a serious business

Ever noticed that most big businesses, have very simple websites?  Even those that have broad product offerings tend to classify them into easy to notice categories. Well, that’s because large corporations invest heavily in research, and they understand their core market well. Customers have over time internalized this, and have come to associate simple websites with serious brands. In essence, to create the impression of serious business, keep your website simple, with a call-to-action that targets your core market. To achieve this, invest in research on your target market before you design the website. Have a clear idea on who your customers are, then come up with a unique call-to-action that captures their attention on the first try. Combine the call-to-action with a simple web layout and you are guaranteed of a sustainable conversion rate.

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