5 Top Reasons You Should Try Faxing from Email

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Faxing used to be expensive: you needed to buy a fax machine, install a dedicated line and have a constant supply of fax paper rolls.  On top of that, you needed to learn how to operate the machine and deal with common issues such as paper jams or errors in printing.

This changed with the development of email-to-fax fax technology, which simplified the process of faxing, moving it to a digital platform.  If you are still hesitant about integrating email fax in your business or office, here are the reasons you should give this new way of faxing a try.

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1-You can receive fax automatically

Forget about waiting for faxes next to a fax machine.  Email faxing lets you receive fax from pretty much anywhere as long as you can access your email account.  All incoming fax transmissions are converted into a PDF and then sent to you via email as an attachment.  You can get faxes on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or any other service of your preference.

Since faxes are converted to PDFs, they are easily readable on any device for free thanks to the Acrobat Reader, and you can easily add a digital signature.

2-Lets you store faxes on a hard or virtual drive

Offices that rely in traditional faxing often have to deal with a lot of paperwork just to sort the documents and store them.  That’s not needed with online faxing, digital files can be easily stored in your computer’s hard drive or on the cloud storage service of your preference like Google Docs, Dropbox or OneDrive, which is very useful in case the documents need to be easily shared in the office.

3-Faxing faster than ever

Communications are about clarity, but also speed, especially in these times we live in when we can reach people hundreds of miles away in an instant.  But traditional faxing is not a fast process, it can take several minutes to transmit a document, especially if there are issues along the way.

With email faxing not only you can receive fax as email, but you can send them as email too.  It’s as fast as composing an email.  Fill out the details, upload your file from your computer and let the fax service take care of the rest.  It takes only a couple of minutes to send a fax, you don’t have to do anything besides waiting for the confirmation message with the details of the transmission.

If there’s a problem along the way, the fax service will re-try sending the fax several times until it goes through.

4-Keeps the security of traditional fax

One of the biggest reasons fax is used to this day in industries like healthcare and law is because it provides a safe way of sharing documents.  This is very important when dealing with sensitive information like for instance, patient information or tax records.

Email fax providers make sure you keep the same level of security of traditional faxing, with features such as password protection, point-to-point encryption, and even unique file types that can only be accessed through a special application.  The best providers are capable of providing HIPAA compliant fax in their plans, just make sure they provide a business agreement.

5-Your own a email-to-fax number

We have talked about sending and receiving faxes, and that is possible with your own digital fax number.  Unlike traditional fax lines, this one needs no physical installation.  As a matter of fact, you can pick your number and start faxing just a few minutes from now.  You see, all email-to-fax services give you a free online fax number when you create your account.  There are three types of numbers you can use: local, toll-free and vanity numbers.

This virtual fax number communicates with powerful fax servers and is linked to your email as long as you have your account.  If you have a current number you can transfer it to a digital platform, it takes a couple of days to complete the porting process, but you get a temporary fax number for those days.

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