3 Reasons You Need to Use SSL Certificates to Improve Google Rankings

Google keeps making changes and improvements on their search engine to make it safe, not only for website owners but also for users. The SSL certificate is a way of Google wanting to make the websites more secure. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is basically a layer of protection by encrypting the connection which exists between the client and the server. There are two types of encryption which one may notice when accessing the different website. There is the HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and the https (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security), both of these are SSL encryption certificate, but the one which has an extra ā€œsā€ offer more protection. Today Google is using the SSL certificate as the basis for ranking your page. This means that they have to determine how secure your website is before they can offer much favorable ranking. Many websites is concerned about how well they rank in google and https://clickburst.com.au can help in this. These are the reason which you need to use SSL to improve your ranking.


It boasts website security

Today many people are aware of the increase in cyber threats and thus are looking for a website which can offer increased security. Google, on the other hand, are only looking to crawl and index the sites which they are sure won’t do not comprise the information between the client and the server. The only way to increase website security is to have an SSL certificate. Today due to the sophistication of cyber threats many people are advised to use the advanced SSL certificate. This is the Hypertext Transport Protocol Security. This means that all information is encrypted and the added layer of security is it is also authenticated. A website which does not have an SSL certificate are marked not secure by Google meaning that chances are many visitors will not explore them further.


Improves Google Ranking

Google ranks websites based on a number of a factor and website security is one of the most common ways that Google will rank the website much higher. The website which does not the SSL certificates are ranked lower and users will not find them easily when they carry out a search. As a website owner what you are looking for is ways for people to find your website quite easily. This is where you need the https to give Google more confidence that your website is secure and then they would rank it much higher.

Improved Website performance

The other reason as to why you need to have the SSL certificate is because it will improve the performance of your website. A website which is secure performs better as the use of https comes with its own set of advantage which makes the websites much faster. This is because the user requests are processed faster and a multiplexing of multiple requests can be done at once. Another factor which helps in improving website performance is that it addresses the line blocking problem. Google will look for a website which has optimal performance and rank them higher as compared to those with ranking issues.

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